Greene County, Virginia

County of Greene, Virginia


The new Greene County Virginia website will have an immense benefit to everyone that lives or works in the region. Greene, like any local government, has many departments that provide a huge range of services to it's citizens. It's absolutely crucial for them to provide accurate and easily accessible information. The new website gives them an excellent platform to accomplish this.

What makes the Greene County website effective? Careful thought was put into how the site was organized and how users would interact with it. Often large websites like this have a very specific path you must follow to find what you are looking for. Websites like that are very difficult for people to use. The Greene County site is different because there are many different ways to find the information you are looking for. The user can pick the path that comes naturally to them.

There are many things that makes large content rich sites a success. Of course you need people with good design ability and vast technical skills. What's harder to find is a team of highly organized people that can successfully manage large projects and build websites like Greene County, Virginia.

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